Small Stunning White Angel Aura Quartz Cluster

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This beautiful cluster is made up of lots of small crystals growing from the base. The base crystals are white and clear and are covered in shimmers of rainbows. Pink, purple, blue, orange and yellow dance across the crystals making it look almost unreal. The sparkle is mostly on the top of the crystals.

Aura Quartz: Is just treated quartz. The heat and color treating changes its properties some, Aura quartz is a happy and excited stone, bring positivity anywhere it goes and helping you come to learn your own abilities.

The process of making Angel Aura involves using heat and a vacuum to permanently bond, at the molecular level, small particles of platinum and titanium to the surface of the pure Quartz Crystal. This creates an amazing, iridescent rainbow hue.


Note: These are real quartz clusters with an altered appearance! Size, shape, and weight will vary.