About Us

Enjoy this mini documentary by Colby Graduate, Class of 2022, Maddie Squire!

Historical photograph of Joe's Smoke Shop on the corner of Temple and Main, circa 1960. Joe's Smoke Shop still occupies this space, while Happy Trails Inc. is in the space next to it. The wall in between the two spaces was taken down after Happy Trails Inc. bought Joe's Smoke Shop.

Happy Trails & Joe's Smoke Shop is a family-run head/smoke/gift shop fusion located at 121 Main Street in Waterville, Maine, USA!

Joe's Smoke Shop is the oldest smoke shop in Maine, established 1903. 

Happy Trails Inc. was born in the 1980's on Shakedown street, Grateful Dead lot, USA. It was originally incorporated in Pennsylvania in 1988, later it was incorporated in Maine in 1995. Owner James T. O'Keeffe sold primarily home made tie dyed t-shirts, gifts & novelties, to pay for travel expenses and concert tickets.

Happy Trails Inc. bought Joe's Smoke Shop in 2006. While the two stores share employees, a phone number, a register, and more, they are still technically on opposite sides of the store and the Joe's Smoke Shop name, sign, and logo has been kept to preserve the history of the store. Joe's Smoke Shop is a registered name that is owned by Happy Trails Inc.

2018-2019, Happy Trails & Joe's Smoke Shop facilitated and assisted in the production of multiple murals with lead artist and designer Andy Chapman and assisting artists Amanda Carerros, Scott Pike, Sullivan O'Keeffe, James T. "Jim" O'Keeffe, and Monique Pelletier on the business's payroll.

The first mural, completed in 2018 on the side of the Main Street building, was funded entirely by the business. The second wave, completed in 2019 on walls and the stairwell behind the Concourse businesses, was funded by Waterville Creates!.

The second mural on the side of the building was done by Jason "Bild" Smith without assistance in mid-2019.

Jason "Bild" Smith and most of his mural (left) and the first mural designed by Andy Chapman (right).

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In late 2021, the storefront experienced a makeover including new, blue paint and new signs with matching accents added!

Happy Trails & Joe's Smoke Shop is a fun, colorful, loving, psychedelic oasis in the ever changing heart of Downtown Waterville in Central Maine, surrounded by a wide range of restaurants and other eclectic, artsy shops. 

All are welcome, and accepted to our love filled, colorful no hate zone full of groovy hard to find gifts for you and your loved ones.