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Stopped by here to just check it out ask some questions type deal, rookie in the 420 game. Not only were they extremely kind understanding and just humble souls I have met in a long time. If you want a true family mom and pop shop that cares about its customer base AND SUPPORTS OUR TROOPS then this is the place for you. I can't wait to come back to see you guys again.

Robert Jordan, June 2023

Best smoke shop in the Northeast

Michael Jadczak, May 2023

Salesperson was very helpful and energetic!

Eric Robinson, January 2023

anything and everything wanted or needed

Wulf, December 2022

This shop has a little of everything. Very good selection. If you just want a cheap import pipe or quality art pieces blown locally. It’s a throwback to the quality head shops you don’t see much of anymore, incorporating the new but not completely taken over by vapes and silicone pipes. I bought a very nice Sherlock blown locally at a very reasonable price. It is now my favorite piece. The shop keeper was extremely helpful and he was multitasking helping multiple customers. He gave me a very warm welcome upon learning it was my first visit. He was very efficient, knowledgeable and most of all professional. They earned and deserve every one of the 5 stars I give Joes smoke shop.

Craig Allen, December 2022

our store

121 Main Street
Waterville, Maine

9am - 9pm
Seven Days a Week


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