Premium Triloka Earthy Assorted Incense, 10 Sticks

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Triloka Aromatherapy Incense.

Earthy Assorted.

  • Amber, Lavender Fields, Jasmine, Lous Champa, Enchanted Forest .
  • Hand-Blended & Rolled with The Freshest Herbs, Woods, & Oils.
  • Made in India.
  • 10 Sticks.

Smell Happy.

Unsurpassed Authentic Incense of India Since 1977.

Triloka Premium Aromatherapy Incense Honors The Ancient Hand-rolled Traditions of India by blending each stick with the freshest herbs, woods, gums, resins & oils, which are then gently placed to dry in the sun.


we're elevated this traditional technique with uniquely vibrant scents. our non-dip process results in a light, clean-burning aroma. whether you're lighting it for air care, meditation, or relaxation, triloka's collection of incense is here to support a happy, healthy mind and planet. Policies and ingredients go to