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Ooze Cranium 4-in-1 Silicone Glass Waterpipe/Rig

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Prepare to have your mind blown when you enjoy a sesh with the Ooze Cranium! This silicone glass hybrid is fun to use & looks dope while you're using it. It includes a matching Armor Bowl to use the piece as a bong. Simply pack the bowl with ground bud, insert it in the arm, and light. The dab rig function has the same set up, but swap the Armor Bowl with the included 90 degree thermal quartz banger. The nectar collection function makes this piece portable! Pull out the silicone mouthpiece and insert the titanium nail in the end. Heat the nail tip with a torch and dab out of the small glass dish that's included. The 4th way to use the Cranium is as a water filtration piece for your favorite Ooze pen! Take a big bong rip of your oil cartridge by removing the glass bowl from the Armor Bowl. Insert the cartridge tip in the grooves inside the bowl, press the battery button, and take a rip!