Kozo XL Wood Stash Box Kit with Magnetic Top, Rolling Tray, Locking Smell Proof Jar with Airtight Seal, Aluminium 4 Part Herb Grinder (Large-Wooden-Magnetic)

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NEW XL STASH BOX SET Kozo Grinders, a name you trust, now has an XL wooden bamboo Stash Box Set with a smooth, natural stain and magnetic lid. The XL Set includes a Kozo Brand four-piece aluminum herb grinder 20 value, an odor-proof sealed opaque glass jar with a wooden top, a rolling tray, an odor-proof bag, a removable insert to hold all your accessories, and still more room for you personalized herbal necessities.

FLIP THE MAGNETIC LID Your XL Kozo Stash Box features a magnetic lid that easily flips over and fits flush on top of the stash box for a convenient workspace. The magnetic top has 1-inch edges on all four sides that allow you not only extra depth in your stash box but also security when using the lid as a workspace. You dont have to worry about any of your precious herbs accidentally slipping off a regular tray top lid.

A REMOVABLE INSERT FOR EASY ORGANIZATION The removable insert has a designated and carefully measured place for your Kozo Storage Jar, Kozo Grinder, two different rolling paper sizes, storage tube, scraper, and two lighters oval or round base.

THE PERFECT GIFT FOR HERB ENTHUSIASTS Our premium quality Kozo XL Stash Box makes a great, affordable gift. Any of your family or friends who enjoy herbs will appreciate the quality of this elegant box, its accessories, and other flexible features.

100 SATISFACTION GUARANTY. We are so confident about the quality of our Kozo XL stash box, However, If you are not satisfied with it please contact us and well help you out or you can simply send it back no questions asked.

NEW KOZO XL STASH BOX SET WITH MAGNETIC LID - Set includes a matching 4-piece Kozo Grinder, odor-proof storage jar, storage tube, odor-proof bag, and rolling tray.

Stash Box Set details

PREMIUM KOZO GRINDERmiddot Four-piece Kozo Grindermiddot Strong magnetic lidmiddot Sharp Grinding teethmiddot Screen that filters ultra-fine herbsmiddot Reservoir for collecting ultra-fine herbsmiddot Built-in finger grips for a secure hold and easy grindingmiddot Size Diameter 2.5rdquo x 2.0rdquo 63 mm. STORAGE JAR middot Opaque, sealed odor-proof jar with wooden lidmiddot Kozo storage jar UV size 50 ml. ADDITIONAL ACCESSORIES middot Odor-proof bagmiddot Storage tubemiddot Rolling traymiddot Removable insert that will fit the Kozo Storage Jar, Kozo Grinder, two sizes of rolling papers, scraper, oval and round base lighters, and storage tube XL STASH BOX middot XL wooden bamboo stash box with a smooth, natural stainmiddot Magnetic lid that doubles as a workspace with 1-inch buffers on all four sidesmiddot Size 12.2rdquo Length x 8.4rdquo Wide