Go Away Evil Cleansing Water 7.5oz

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remove all unwanted energies.

Protects you and your home.

Keeps enemies away. 

Attracts love, Luck and positive energies.

Our organic cleansing water has a subtle scent of White sage and patchouly essential oil. Cleansing is important for all magical and spiritual pursuits. It allows you to get rid of unwanted energies, So they do not interfere with your rituals.

Cleansing water cleanses people, Tools and places. Adding it to a bucket of mop water turns it into a potent way to Transform the energy of a space. Adding it to a bath, Helps to imbue you with serenity and a Lasting sense of peace. Removes mental blocks, Provides clarity and lifts all confusion. Cleansing water is a vital element Acknowledged in spiritual traditions around the world since ancient times. 


Springwater, Witch hazel hydrosol, Essential oil & Botanical blend, FD&C blue color 3, and FD&C yellow color 2.


Safety warning- For external use only. Flammable. Keep away from heat, Sparks, Flame, Avoid contact with eyes.