12x16 Meditation foil poster

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Artist Michael Dubois Created this image as an expression of transcendence.

Most humans are in prisoned in a mind matrix that blocks their innate ability to live to their full and abundant Potential. 
transcendence is the act of rising above something to a superior state.

when most people hear the word "transcendence" they usually think of experiences that involve going beyond the physical body.

Experiences of transcending the dimension of time and space through meditation, Dream states and with psychedelics are documented throughout history. these practices allow one to shift awareness beyond the physical body, mind and senses and access different dimensions of reality. Expansion beyond the mind Matrix moves consciousness outside the physical body and mind, where it is possible to experience spirit, inner essence and the ever changing and morphing energy which sustain all of life.

Dubois works out of his mountaintop studio in the small town of Woodstock New York, where he has been creating iconic imagery for the music industry and find art drawings, paintings, and prints for decades. 

the printing process of this design, combines traditional painting with a custom holographic and proprietary imaging system. The result is an inspired, unique, and historically significant print.