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SCARLET-Ooze Bectar Silicone Bubbler & Dab Straw

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The Bectar's name is a combination of Bubbler and a synonym for dab straw that rhymes with “mectar pollector” that is a trademarked term we are not allowed to use anymore. This hybrid handheld device provides smooth water filtration to your smoke session, whether you're looking to rip a bowl of weed or take a dab or concentrates. Going back and forth is as simple as flipping the flap!


Fill the Bectar with water to the fill line, just above the percolator holes. To use the bubbler function, open the bowl flap and you'll see a small glass bowl to pack with flower. Light it and use the hole on the bottom as the choke.


For dabs, simply close the bowl flap and insert the titanium nail in the bottom choke hole. Heat the nail with a torch, and use the included Geode stash jar to dab out of.


  • BECTAR | Change up your smoke session in an instant! Switching between flower and dabs with the Bectar is as simple as the flip of a flap.
  • BUBBLER | To use the Bectar as the bubbler, open the silicone flap and pack the bowl with flower. Use the hold on the bottom as the choke and cover with a finger.
  • DAB STRAW | To use the Bectar as the dab straw, close the flap and insert the titanium nail in the bottom hole. Heat it with a torch and insert the tip into your jar of wax to take a dab.
  • FILL LINE | Make sure not to overfill your Bectar with water! Only fill to the fill line, which is just above the percolator holes. This will allow you to lay it flat on its side without it spilling.
  • GEODE | Every Bectar includes a matching Geode silicone glass stash jar. Store your wax in here and dab right out of it with the Bectar.